Helping creators find their own recipe for creative growth

92% never hit their creative goals,
75% of podcasts get podfade,
And too many never get started!

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🎙️Create Daily: The non-magic-recipe for creative growth

This podcast is for creators like you to feel seen, supported, and accountable to create your best work. Our guests will share with you how PRACTICE and LUCK have influenced their growth, and what is the most significant THIRD INGREDIENT that got them to where they are today. Not just so you can replicate it, but to get inspired to create your own recipe. You’ll also get SHORT solo episodes with me, Q&A with listeners, and co-hosted episodes to go in deep on healthy productivity, content creation, and the creator economy.

Build your own creative journey

I’m Aurelie Ho🤓 I’m a mom of 2, a writer, the host of Create Daily, and the founder of Gritly, an education company dedicated to helping creators like you feel supported & accountable so you can create your best work:

✨ execute on your creative goals with confidence in your choices and ability to grow as a creator, without worrying about views count & subs every 5 min,

design your creative workflow around your life’s priorities to create more without the constant overwhelm and distractions,

grow an amazing creative team, whenever you’re ready to scale your online business

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