Create your own recipe for creative growth

92% never hit their creative goals,
75% of podcasts get podfade,
And too many never get started!

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The non-magic-recipe for creative growth

If someone gave you the perfect formula to grow as a creator, you’ll definitely make it. Right?

Now has never been a better time to be a content creator, with the creator economy expected to grow 5x in 2022 (from 20 billion to 100+). And every day we hear about a new YouTube creator who has reached millions of subscribers within a couple of months…

With 50+ million channels on the platform, those success stories are pretty rare. Yet we look for the perfect formula to replicate and quickly skyrocket us to success. What we usually find on that road is burnout.

Once you’ve stopped obsessing over metrics that are out of your control like views and subs (yes, even with the right formula),
you will start to focus on your creative work.

You’ll practice your craft every day and build the right habits to support your creative growth.

But most importantly, more than consistency and discipline, what you need is connections; building your circle of creative friends.

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