Hey there! I’m Aurelie Ho🤓 I’m a multi-passionate creator who loves talking about healthy productivity and intentional living. I’m a writer & the host of Execution Made Simple.

I’m also a wife & mum of two young creative minds💛

I used to be obsessed with goals and results, giving into the hustle mindset and optimizing every single minute of my days.

Since my early days in corporate Human Resources, and then consulting for my clients in People Ops & performance coaching, I’ve been (reluctantly) contributing to the burnout culture and toxic productivity.

Until I learned that “doing more” wasn’t the answer. Surely there was a way to work better while enjoying life.

The Creator’s Economy 🎧

I’ve always wanted to create and help people grow, but somehow I couldn’t connect the dots in HR. Something was missing.

I’ve learned so much from interviewing thousands of people through formal interviews, individual coaching, and casual coffees. Fascinating stories about people navigating life, career, and business. Somehow, I’ve always been even more fascinated by creatives; entrepreneurs who share their voice & connect through creativity. Writers, YouTubers, and most recently Podcasters.

As I started my own creative journey and made creators friends, I realized how much creators were struggling with healthy productivity:

= nailing creative goals while prioritizing health.

Putting out more content, staying consistent, being on all platforms, doing all the right things… all while consulting, doing a”9-5″ or caring for family. While learning new tools and skills, finding their creative voice, being confident in their choices, and knowing what direction to take.
And how to monatize their creative work!

No wonder most creators are burnout. Podcasters get podfade. YouTubers stop uploading. Writers never publish their books.

Getting started is the easy part😏 You got to keep it going while staying sane. That’s where I come in⬇️

Execution Made Simple, for Creators 🎮

Most people are productive only 2-3hours per day, simply because we can’t focus for 8-12 hours a day.

Yet we drain ourselves both mentally and physically, trying to do the most we can in the hope of clearing our endless to-do lists. In the hope of one day having more time for side projects. You’ve probably heard the saying “don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done“🙄

When all you do is work, you don’t leave room for rest and creativity. Or happiness.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • execute on your creative goals with confidence in your choices, skills and ability to grow as a creator,
  • design your creative workflow around your life’s priorities to create more without the constant overwhelm,
  • grow an amazing creative team, whenever you’re ready to scale your online business,

It’s not that difficult with a plan and some accountability👏 It does take grit and discipline!

Start here ✨

If you want to redesign your work around your life’s priorities (and not the other way around), so you can create more while enjoying life in the present moment, you have to take action.

It starts with intention and building a simple creative workflow that helps you blend in work and life, including your distractions and time off.

Because we need a healthy dose of procrastination, our brain truly needs it. That’s why it’s so easy to procrastinate. Instead of avoiding it at all costs, include that time off in your schedule so you are less likely to have unplanned procrastination.

Ready to improve your craft & grow as a creator without the constant anxiety and burnout that come with it?

Sign up for my mini-course ✉️ 3 Days to Build a Simple Creative Workflow that fits your life.

I’ll see you on the inside🥳