• The start of a new habit

    Writing daily.

    To practice. To commit to create daily. To make myself accountable for the part in my creative process that is the most painful to me. Writing. Putting ideas together, trusting myself in the process, hiting upload, and NEVER looking back.

    It’s going to be random thoughts, not cleverly editing. Not edited for the hero’s journey.

    Just what I truly want to share to bring you value and make sense of the things I learn.

    There are so many ways this essay could go; talk about learning which was the last idea that popped up in my head. Or with the one before which was about trusting ourselves as creators and not tying our value to results. Huh…

    We used to blog to share ideas and now it feels like everything we put out there must be carefully polished, researched and have to serve as many people as possible. You know so we can grow and make money and keep calling ourselves creators.

    And with that, we want to be authentic with our audience, our people who have raised their hands and are willing to consume what we make. Because authenticity is what we have to embody.

    Yet nothing is authentic about the creative process. If you doubt that, I urge you to read Seth Godin.

    We can be ourselves, in the moment, in our work, by sharing our strengths and flaws.

    Building a creative space to share your work and engage with people who relate to what you do, who are moved by what you do, whose lives is changed by what you do, takes time. For you to build and put the right steps together, to grow as a creator and find your creative voice, to go through the many changes in your life, to decide to really commit to the journey.

    To give and finally get back in return.

    I love to write. I honestly hate to share my writing. And that makes me not want to write.

    It makes me feel naked. Back to being at school, when I was told I was bad at writing. When my teachers mocked my writings and spelling. When I was told I was stupid. When I was told I couldn’t do it.

    I’m “lucky” to already have had many successes in my life and career, yet those things never truly go away… those negative voices telling you you’re not good enough.

    That’s why sharing your work is scary. It opens up the door for judgments. For negative feedback (who’ll say no to positive feedback).

    It also opens up the door (that’s a weird expression) to you believing you’re not good enough. But that’s a lie.

    You’re enough now and always. Why are we never told that in school?

    But not your work. The last piece of content you made might suck.

    Your work is not good enough yet. Not all the work you’ll make now or in 10 years will be good or even worth sharing. But it is worth making!

    For you to keep improving your craft and commit to the journey.

    I hope you will. Even though I kind of wrote this for myself.