Execution Made Simple

Successful Content Creators seem to be doing EVERYTHING right and grow an audience overnight. But what really makes them succeed in creating just the right piece of content every time they hit publish?

That’s what we’ll uncover with casual conversations and fire chats with Content Creators that are all about taking ACTION to help you consistently share content you love and become a better YouTuber, Podcaster, Writer, Creative Entrepreneur… Let’s break it down together✨

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13. Redefining Consistency for Creators

We’re constantly told that we need to be consistent all the time with sharing our work or hitting publish, no matter what. That’s being “on” all the time and not missing an upload is what content creators should aim for if they want a chance of getting picked up by the algorithm.

12. Never Run Out of Content Ideas & Simplify Your Content Creation

Do you feel like you never know what to create next? Or are you overwhelmed with the tons of ideas you have and don’t know what to focus on next? I believe 200% that you can find ideas and that your biggest struggle with this part of the creative process is deciding what to create. 

11. Build a Simple Creative Workflow

I share with you today how I plan my creative workflow from deciding what type of content and platform to use, to brainstorming and using the right tools. One thing you should know, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get inspired but keep it simple and make it your own.

10. The Mindset Shift Every Creative Need

You’ve probably heard that mindset is key to keep you consistently working on your creative goals and take action. But have you thought about how your actions feed your mindset? Today let’s explore how your actions and your mindset are connected and learn about the three things you should stop doing to cultivate the right mindset and ship your work.

9. The Most Productive Way To Procrastinate (For Content Creators)

You cannot and shouldn’t try to get rid of all procrastination. In fact, you need a healthy dose of procrastination, your brain craves for it. In today’s episode, let’s unpacked how you can schedule your distractions and practice productive procrastination.

8. When Batching Content Goes Wrong + 3 Essential Rules To Batch Creative Tasks

You’ve probably heard that batching is something you HAVE to do to save time in your creative process, but what if it actually slowed you down? That’s right when batching is done wrong, it will stress you out, make you do mistakes that you could have avoided, AND prevent you from mastering new skills!

7. The Creators’ Essential Guide To Goal Settings (that You’ll Actually Follow-Through)

If you want to become a high achiever and be on top of your performance as a creative entrepreneur and consistently grow your business, you absolutely need goals.  Now there is something utterly wrong with how we fix goals, which explains why so many fail to achieve them. 

6. Don’t Let Procrastination Steal Away Your Content

I’ve recently had to explain what procrastination is to my 7 years old daughter because she’s been procrastinating a lot lately on her school work and side project, and honestly so have I! Let’s explore how you procrastinate and how it’s stealing away your work and prevent you from consistently hitting your creative goals.

5. What To Do When You Fall Behind On Your Content Creation

With all the things you’re supposed to do, keeping up with your content is difficult and you can frequently feel like you’re falling behind and stress out and even burn out. Let’s see today what to do when you fall behind and also how to prevent it from happening. because usually, you can see it coming😏

4. The truth about hitting publish when no one is watching

Uploading and sharing your content when no one is listening or watching is tough. You spend hours planning, scripting, recording, editing, promoting, and then… nothing. You get 10 views. But those 10 views are everything when you get started. 10 people showed up and paid attention to your content and hopefully enjoyed it.

3. Creative Block Is a Myth: Create More With This Simple Strategy

Yep. You’ve been lied to. Creator’s block is a myth, according to Seth Godin. If there really is no such thing as creator’s blocks, what is stopping from doing the work? In this episode, we talk about dealing with your mental blocks and practicing your craft daily to improve as a content creator.

2. How to Find Your Voice As a Content Creator

Hitting publish is hard when you’re a new content creator and a bit scary when you feel you haven’t found your unique voice yet. But to find that unique angle you’re gonna have to train yourself, hit record, and get better each time. Work on your performance as a creator.

1. The One Mistake New Creators Make that Kills Productivity (and Their Growth)

Successful Content Creators seem to be doing EVERYTHING right and grow an audience overnight. What makes them succeed in creating just the right piece of content every time they hit publish? That what we’ll uncover…

Welcome to Execution Made Simple: Ditch the Overwhelm & Create Content You Love💛

When you’re getting started it’s difficult to pierce through the noise and low metrics (views) can discourage us from creating more content. But all creators had to go through this struggle. They kept pushing and consistently hit publish.