Episode 13

13. Redefining Consistency for Creators

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Have you ever asked yourself why do you really want to be consistent with your work, and how does that even mean to you?

We’re constantly told that we need to be consistent all the time with sharing our work or hitting publish, no matter what. That’s being “on” all the time and not missing an upload is what content creators should aim for if they want a chance of getting picked up by the algorithm.

We live by the rules of social media and the different platforms we use to share our work, without even questioning it. 

Fomo, stress, anxiety… burnout is all too normal for content creators.

We need to change this conversation and recenter it around your needs and what it really means for you to create and be consistent with your message and how you want to show up for your people.

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After being a people ops (HR) and performance coach for startups and small teams, I now turn creatives like you into productivity nerds like me and I LOVE it. When I don’t work on other creative projects with my kids (trying to turn them into young creators & self-starters), you can usually find us hiking or at the beach. Or home playing🎮 and eating 🍕

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