The Biggest Procrastination Habit For Creators & How to Fix It

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Have you found yourself planning more than actually creating? This happens to so many creators because they want to have the perfect content calendar with a bunch of episodes or videos planned ahead so that they can make sure to work on the right piece of content that we’ll resonate with their audience.

So we lose a crazy amount of time brainstorming, planning, and rescheduling episodes and videos because two weeks down the line it doesn’t make sense anymore. We actually procrastinate a lot with planning.

Let’s see today how we can fix this to be confident about the decision we make and create more.

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Hey there!🤓 Welcome to Execution Made Simple where you and I have conversations on healthy productivity for creators. I’m Aurelie Ho, I’m a mum of 2 young creative minds and also a writer & creator at Gritly an education company dedicated to helping creators consistently create content & products they love, without burning out.

I used to be obsessed with results, goals, and productivity hacks and I’ve seen firsthand the damages of hustle culture and toxic productivity. I know what it means to be a small creator and struggle with consistency and overwhelm.

I truly hope this podcast will positively impact your creative workflow and that you’ll stick around💛✨✨✨

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